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  • Identify psycho-emotional signs in your patients with confidence

  • Understand the development of personality in terms of 5 phases

  • Effectively manage maladaptive behavioural patterns of patients 

  • Apply Classical formulas


The Psychology of Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies
With Dr Karen Bilton, PHD 


  • The development of the “self” and the evolution of being through a five element lens.

  • The origin of diverse psycho-emotional behaviours and related energetic imbalances.

  • Psycho-emotional signs (as well as you do physical symptoms) to diagnose and treat your patients more effectively .


- Discussion of diagnosis includes the integration of Shen-Hammer Pulse signs.

- Treatment approaches include Classical Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.



This class is presented in online lecture format during four 3-hour meetings:

Session 1: Mon Feb 5th, 2024, 4pm - 7pm AEST.

  • Introduction to the life and work of Dr. Hammer, a basic outline of the text, and a discussion of central aspects of the model, including pulse diagnosis and the therapeutic relationship. 

  • Classical Focus. 

  • Preliminary distinctions: the 5 Phases as expressions of the evolution of being, and a novel approach to Yin/Yang

Session 2: Mon Feb 12th, 2024, 4pm - 7pm AEST.

  • Water: Natural Functions, Yin/Yang, cognitive style, anxiety, depression, love, sex, and psychosis. Shaoyin Formulas.

  • Wood: Natural Functions, Yin/Yang, cognitive style, anxiety, depression, love, sex, and psychosis. Jueyin/Shaoyang.

Session 3: Mon Feb 19th, 2024, 4pm - 7pm AEST.

  • Fire: Natural Functions, Yin/Yang, cognitive style, anxiety, depression, love, sex, and psychosis. Taiyang Formulas.

  • Heart and Pericardium

  • Small Intestine, Triple Burner

Session 4: Mon Feb 26th, 2024, 4pm - 7pm AEST.

  • Earth: Natural Functions, Yin/Yang, cognitive style, anxiety, depression, love, sex, and psychosis. Schizophrenia, marcissism. Taiyin/Yangming/Taiyang Formulas.

  • Metal: Natural Functions, Yin/Yang, cognitive style, anxiety, depression, love, sex, and psychosis. Taiyang Formulas. 

  • Conclusion: Integrating and Applying the Concepts taught in the Course. Case Studies.

Recordings: All sessions will be recorded and made available to participants for review.


  • ACCMA PDA course ceritication in progress
    Quiz: In the case you cannot attend a session live completion of a quiz related to the recording will be required to be awarded PDAs


Early Bird Special: $600 +GST ($660 Until January 20th 2024)

Full Price: $700 +GST ($770)


4-7pm AEST Mondays in February 2024

  • February 5, February 12, February 19 and February 26.



Karen has 30 years of clinical experience

  • Studying and collaborating with Dr Leon Hammer  on the modern interpretation of the Menghe Ding pulse method - Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis since 1997 

  • Direct inheritor of Dr Hammer's non-pathologizing model of ontological psychology - the Psychology of Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies

  • Completed PhD research - Investigating the Reliability of Practitioners using Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis

  • Co-edited a Handbook of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis with Dr Hammer

  • Teaching Shen Hammer Pulse Diagnosis since 2003 in USA, Australia, and in China 2016 to 2019

  • Lectured at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York); UTS and UWS in Sydney.

  • Continuing study of Classical Chinese medicine with Dr Heiner Fruehauf at NUNM, Portland OR 


Karen has been practising acupuncture and Chinese medicine for 28 years and is licensed to practise in Australia and the USA. Having worked in the USA for 15 years she has been studying with Dr Leon Hammer, MD since 1997. She completed doctoral studies evaluating the reliability of practitioners applying Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis clinically. Karen is one of a handful of people who inherited this pulse method and developmental psychological model directly from Dr Hammer.

She is co-author of a Handbook of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis; lectured at schools in USA and Australia; presented at conferences in China, USA, Australia, and New Zealand and has published in peer review journals. Currently she is in clinical practice in Sydney, Australia, and continues her exploration of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine in relation to Daoist cosmology.  She endeavours to share her knowledge teaching classes in pulse diagnosis and the psychology of Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies.

Balancing Rocks

Join Dr Karen Bilton, PhD for a deep exploration of Dr Leon Hammer's model of developmental ontological psychology.

The evolution of being is examined according to the energetic cycle of the five phases which are an expression of the “great turning” or the cycle of yin and yang of Daoist cosmology.


  • Birth in depths of Water,

  • Growth and negative assertion of Wood,

  • Full realisation of self and positive assertion of Fire,

  • Individuation and transformation of bonds in Metal

  • Return to Water or Shao Yin for the final journey.

  • Our survival is always supported by the Earth phase that nurtures and develops both the bonds that connect us, and the boundaries that protect us. 


Interferences to the normal evolution and expression of these phases results in attempts by the organism to restore balance. Rather than personality pathologies, these “adaptive strategies” that are employed by the individual depend on what resources are available “to maintain contact to stay intact.” 

If anger, joy, compassion, fear, and sadness are acceptable analogues of energy transformations, why not judgement, planning, will, warmth, and precision? Why not pretence, denial, projection, repression, reaction-formation, reversal, and sublimation?

We can and must consider the entire range of behaviour, personality, and intention as a province of energetics.


The course formulated through biweekly 2021 - 2022 meetings with Dr Hammer discussing the psychology of Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies.

Content integrates a classical focus connecting this model to the Neijing and the formulas of the Shang Han Lun, developed by Brandt Stickley a fellow long term student of Dr Hammer’s and Associate Professor at National University of Natural Medicine, College of Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland, OR.


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